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GED is short form of General Education Development. It is a way to measure the academic knowledge and capability of people who have not completed high school diploma. There might be many reasons due to which a student quits high school or is unable to complete high school diploma. GED programs are designed to prepare students for GED tests and on passing these tests; they can do many courses requiring GED as perquisite.

History of GED tests

GED courses were first initiated in the year 1942. It was an effort for permitting people to complete high school. Since then, it has become an option for people who could not pass high school due to some or the other reason. Present statistics illustrate that 1/20 college students in first year are GED certified. It is anticipated that GED exam pattern will change in 2014 and its difficulty level will be increased.

What are GED Programs and their advantage?

GED programs consist of different modules. There are five subject tests (Social Studies, Science, Reading, Language Arts and Mathematics) based on multiple-choice questions. Along with these exams, there is a timed essay test to be cleared. Each subject covers the study matter learnt by high school students during their course of study. This is the reason that many courses include GED as an optional perquisite to high school diploma. GED test is a creation of collaborated efforts of secondary education and subject experts.

Subjects included in GED coursework

GED is run by American Council of Education. You need to clear five subjects in order to pass your GED test:

  1. Language Arts (Reading)
  2. Language Arts (Writing)
  3. Mathematics
  4. Sciences
  5. Social Studies

Each section has 50 questions, but mathematics has 25 questions included in it.

Why taking GED test is suggested by educators?

GED tests are alternatives for students who have not carried out their high school degree and want to get a substitute course to move to college or higher studies. Almost 70 percent of candidates take GED online classes with the intention to clear exam and enter a college or specialized training course. There are many universities, colleges and vocational schools recognizing GED credentials and the students who don’t own high school degree can give GED online exam to get entry into higher learning schools.

There are students who don’t want to attempt for very sophisticated jobs and they do GED for pursuing a way to more number of job opportunities. There are many people who do GED course for getting better jobs and hence, making better money. It is also a confidence booster as owning GED certification will enable you to develop a sense of self-belief and you can do much better in your career. Free GED online programs are available and you can gain the benefits by making search on various websites.

Know about free GED classes online

There are free online GED classes available on Internet. GED online classes are chosen by people who are already working somewhere and want to do part time study for clearing GED exam. It is usually seen that people having longer gap from education face difficulty in learning through GED tutorials because they are not in touch with formal education from long and it becomes tough for them to study through tutorials.

There are many people who want to pass GED exam, but have a fear of spending bucks to learn about the coursework. If you are serious about your career and want to get improvement from the present situation, it will be possible to extract time from your schedule and devote a few hours to online GED programs. Once you’ve made your mind to study, it would be better to get information through internet and know about various subjects and study pattern to be followed for online course.

How to prepare for GED online exams?

GED is not as easy as it seems. You will have to make commitment with yourself before getting enrollment into online GED programs. You can get enrolled into GED tutorial programs by paying fee for the course study or simply, by undertaking free classes on Internet. You can do it at any age and it would not require much of your time. This way, you can show your will power and confidence to others and can set an example for your friends and family. If you are doing a job and want to get GED exam, there will be many hurdles in the way. You will have to make schedule, make a grip on your weak subjects and move forward with confidence. Once you have done preparation, you can choose the nearest available date for GED test. It can even be done online or through some colleges. You can look forward to free online GED classes before making a final decision to get the examination.

GED test fees and requirements

There are different criteria and requirements mentioned by every state for GED exam. GED test fees depend variably for different states. There are some minimum requirements for GEDTS (General Educational Development Testing Service). There are some age requirements also enforced by some states for these tests. The fee for tests comes under the state jurisdiction. There is whole information available on the website or through GED Administrator and candidates can come to know about test fees, schedules, eligibility criteria, minimum passing stores and age requirements by making search for it. The normal test fee ranges from $50-80, depending on the state laws. There are retest fees required for additional part of test and it is different for various subjects.

Tips for preparation and attempting online GED tests

  • Check out free GED online course study online and make a determination to do the study through books or online.
  • Study deeply and prepare well for your examination. You can also try online GED exam model tests and do them regularly to know about the pattern and questions.
  • While giving exam, focus on your own test and don’t look here and there. You can finish your exam on time only if you completely focus on it. Do easy questions first and then make attempt for tough questions at last.
  • There are many people taking paper based GED tests. They have to be careful while marking answers as there should be no unnecessary markings on the answer sheet.
  • Don’t get too anxious and avoid the things making you more nervous. Try to get comfortable and most importantly, make efforts to get into a calm state of mind before test.

How to prepare for GED tests?

There are different modes for preparing for GED tests. You can begin with taking GED online classes and learn about various subjects included in it. There are many other resources available for preparation of tests, like adult education programs. They can refer candidates to make preparation of classes or attending community college programs. There are many online references for literacy directories and you can check it to locate the best centers available in the city. There are many counselors available for getting assistance and knowing more about GED.

It is better to get enrolled into free GED online programs before actually making a plan for test. You can get a lot of information online and can also visit the local testing center to get a listing of preparatory resources available to students. You can know about the skills required for getting online GED tests and prepare accordingly. It is recommended to give free online tests frequently to know about problem solving skills and understand the examination pattern.

GED Practice tests online: Best friends for students

GED practice tests are available online and you can take advantage of various resources to give attempts for sample tests. People who have not attempted these model papers have a risk of clearing the exam or score lesser marks. The advantage of these sample tests is to know about the pattern and question styling of examination. There is a wide range of tests available online and you can’t ignore them if you want to get good marks in your examination.

These tests prepare students as a warm-up for the final examination. The people who have cleared GED would definitely suggest you to go for online tests to make assessment about their performance.

It’s never late to do GED

There are many people who have to drop their high school study due to any reason. Once they get a gap in studies, they might not have an urge to do something in academics. These days, most employers require GED or high school diploma even for low graded jobs. GED can be another way of moving ahead in academics and carry forward with graduation courses. A person can forget past and get further by doing GED courses online. There are many accredited GED programs and you should focus on them to get a lucrative career opportunity.

You need to study and invest your precious time and money to enroll into GED program. They are also available free, but if you want high scores, it is beneficial to get enrolled to some preparatory course giving you information about the subjects in detail. First, check the eligibility criteria and make sure you fulfill every requirement because it depends variably from state to state. If you are already doing some job, you can take up online study for GED and even give online GED test. You can certainly get higher scope in your career by passing GED examination and it will help you to get linked with best colleges for graduation purpose.

If you are a high school dropout, it does not mean that the world is stopped for you. Your career will move with a rapid pace by getting right moves and educational fronts. It is always better to study more and get accredited courses done for improving your skills and knowledge. GED diploma is the first step and once you’ve done it, you can move forward with further specialized graduation courses.

Benefits of online GED preparation

  • Flexibility of studying at suitable hours and at a comfortable place
  • Making your own pace for studying according to your convenience
  • More chances of clearing the exam
  • Scope of building a great career ahead

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